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Human Development

EHD Documentary: Facts Speak for Themselves

Conception - how you were born : Amazing animation about conception, development and birth


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Quick Facts About Assisted Suicide


Impact of Abortion on Women

A Tidal Wave of Published Data



"....abortion is primarily a spiritual issue. It is a decision to kill a human made in the image of a Creator God. Even my pro-life atheist friends agree that killing another human being cannot be categorized as simply “political.” They would argue it is deeper than that; abortion is a moral, deeply personal, deadly, horrific decision.

When we say abortion is political, we give ourselves an out. We can wash our hands of our responsibility to care for mothers in crisis pregnancy situations. That’s the government’s job. We can refuse to talk about it in public or in private, citing the oft-repeated “we don’t talk about religion or politics.” When we say abortion is political, we cheapen it, relegating it into the same dustbin of taxes, foreign policy, and deficit spending. Churches who claim abortion is political have an excuse to avoid it, claiming the obscenely misunderstood so-called “separation of church and state.”

Abortion is the unjust killing an innocent human being. Though abortion has strong political ramifications, it is not a political issue. It is a spiritual decision, a moral decision, a deadly act that kills a child, rips apart a mother, and destroys the family.".... Brian Fisher, Jan 23, 2015,