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About Us !

Voice for Life is a non-profit, charitable organization, funded by donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and community service groups within our area of Haldimand and Norfolk counties.. To better define it, the common name, Simcoe & District Voice for Life is also used. The official, registered name is, however, Voice for Life.


To promote a respect for life from conception to natural death through education, service and prayer.


Statements put forward to define Voice for Life at its founding in the late 1970s are:

"Voice for Life believes that all human life from conception has the right to care and protection.

Voice for Life believes that we must solve human problems in positive, constructive ways, without destroying human life.

Voice for Life believes that we have a special obligation to the weak and helpless, including the unborn.

Members believe that all human life has the equal right to continued co-existence with the assurance of brotherly care and protection."

Basic Objectives

  1. To facilitate communication and exchange of ideas and experience through meetings and newsletters – In the area of abortion, euthanasia and the handicapped.

  2. To promote, through public education, the respect for life from the moment of conception to the end of life.

  3. To inform the general public
    - of the medical, moral, social and psychological effects of abortion;
    - of the alternatives to abortion;
    - of Canadian abortion facts.

grandfather & child


First organizational meeting – April 27, 1977

First Walk-A-Thon – September 29, 1977

First Banquet – May 9, 1981

Incorporation date – December 4, 1981

First Billboard – 1984:   Corner of Cedar & Queensway (Hwy 3 West)

Charitable Status - 1984


What We Are

[This outline was prepared to help further and better define Voice for Life to the Christian Community. Need other defining outlines about Voice for Life for other faith & non-faith communities.]

Voice for Life is a charitable, non-profit volunteer organization that promotes respect and love for all human life from conception to natural death, through education. 
Voice for life, has a passion to give voice to the voiceless.  It serves the Simcoe and District area. We raise our voice for life, from the very young to the very old and those in between.

We work within the community raising awareness on the gift of life, with children in a loving family environment as the gifts of the Creator. Promote, through education, the protection of life from conception to natural death.  

With the Biblical mandate to protect human life and to heal hurts of our neighbours, we not only reach out and call for protection of those who are endangered in the womb, but also for those with disabilities, and the frail elderly who may be vulnerable to euthanasia.  –Life is not disposable at any stage of life. 

As Scripture has taught us, all life is a creation of God, and we should be as Christians, visible witness in our environment for the culture of life.

We address life issues, encourage prayer, and reach out in public trying to educate people to do what is right, and to be active and open to life.  Asking our community to treat all human life with respect, and nourish and sustain it.

As a public witness, we welcome you to join us in evangelizing for Life and Truth in our public activities in Simcoe and Area, and pray that the Way Jesus taught us be followed and life be respected.

Our Walk-A-Thon for life is a visible witness for life.
As is Life Chain –an open, quiet hour of prayer at the cross roads of Highway 24 and Highway 3 in Simcoe for life, and turning to God for healing and forgiveness.  Pastors from the area are encouraged to submit prayers for life, for those participating to meditate on during the hour of prayer.  We also have, when possible, a Father’s Day Memorial Vigil, an hour of interactive prayer for babies who have been aborted, and for mothers, fathers and families hurt by abortion, for babies lost by miscarriage, for those taken by euthanasia and pray the vulnerable elderly and disabled will be protected and cared for.

During the Norfolk County Fair in Simcoe, we reach out to all who come by and visit our booth. With more volunteers, participation in other area fairs and festivals would be possible.

We also go out and sponsor credible public speakers. If there is an opportunity, we visit schools and groups, as invited on life issues.  We are very concerned about engineered death of the vulnerable, which is being promoted with increasing intensity in our culture now, as the demographic winter is arriving.  

Our Voice for Life office provides educational material for visitors who come in, and for schools. We also provide referrals for individuals seeking help.  We do what we can, with the resources that we get from donations that come from members belonging to different denominations, and with prayers of many.  

We need help to build credible volunteer speaker teams (retired doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.) to tour the community, with the message of life, and the fullness of life for: families, mothers, fathers, grandparents, youth and children.  If anyone wishes to participate and engage in such an effort, please contact us. Your walk with Jesus in reaching out to our neighbours would be much welcomed. 

Thank you.


This page was last revised on: August 18, 2023