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in uterus



By Muriel Stephenson     Sept. 12, 2013

bleeding heart

I will praise You, Lord my God,
For in You I do dwell,
I am wonderfully made,
That my soul knows well.

You knew me in my mother’s womb,
You formed each little part,
I praise You for Your blessings, Lord,
Love You with all my heart.

When difficulties come my way
You are my strength, my hope,
When I face hard questions, Lord,
I know You’ll help me cope.

I praise You for eternal life,
I know I’m in Your hand,
I am an overcomer, Lord,
In victory I stand.



By Muriel Stephenson March 6/, 2019

Abortion brings life to an end,
It’s not the plan of God,
Each life needs full development
By God’s staff and rod.

At conception in the womb
A baby is given life,
It needs to grow to be well formed
And not encounter strife.

We’re created for abundant life,
Let’s live as God has planned,
Give thanks He’ll guide us day by day,
We’re in His strong right hand.

Euthanasia’s not the way,
It shortens life, my friend,
Let’s live in God’s great loving arms
Right to the very end.